No Indian left behind

Disruption in the making

CallFREE is a patent pending platform that empowers rural masses using it’s AudioFirst technology.

We enable an on-demand access to popular multi-lingual and region based curated content accessed using a basic mobile phone or even a landline.

Our technology liberates the rural folk from capital intensive infrastructure or expensive gadgets for information access.

Engage, Empower & Harness

Rural marketing is more than broadcasting or sampling. Its about engaging and empowering.

An effective program needs to be simple, impulsive & intuitive and in near real-time.

An advertiser is investing REAL money and needs transparent audit-trailable visibility and controllable ROI.

CallFREE addresses all of that, and more.
And thus our vision - No Indian left behind.

Everything starts with a Phone Call!

A world of information is just a phone call away. Our content is in the language they understand. Yes, we are


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Our connected services

Our most effective tool is precisely simple:
Develop a precise description of our users and what he wishes to accomplish.

One Bn phones = One Bn Listeners


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as it happens, in real time

Our technology provides real time analytics helping you make intelligent decisions by monitoring user activity as it occurs. Measure marketing initiatives or gauge audience pulse to position your brand better.


From internationally recognized brands to your favorite local products and services, CallFREE is trusted by companies you know and love.

CallFREE empowers hundreds of industries just like yours.


CallFREE is one of the top 10 hot startups of Hyderabad.

Taking on-demand content to villages via mobiles
DeccanChronicleJul 5, 2016

CallFREE brings news bulletins and popular content to rural India
YourStory.inJun 21, 2016

The Best result for any technology is to solve meaningful problems in impactful ways. The best design reduces work, the best computer is unseen, the best interaction is natural!- Golden Krishna

India will be the largest market in the world in this century-Al Gore


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